David Curiel, Industrial Designer, Solidworks designer and model maker.


David's path to industrial design was first driven by his fascination with model making. Ranging from clay and foam sculpting to fiberglassing and model paint finishing (and everything in between), building models have always been a fascination of his. David's work as model maker also ranges from product physical models to animatronics for theme parks and theme restaurants, to set props and scenic design.


Discovering SolidWorks in 2002, David understood the value this software could bring to designers, bringing concepts closer to manufacturing reality better than anything else in existence, as well as creating a bridge of communication with engineering.

Nonetheless, David maintains an open mind to all of the current 3D modeling options that work for industrial design. 


David's SolidWorks design and modeling experience range from collaborations with engineers and other designers, to modeling start-up product prototyping, modeling and designing products, novelty toys, and electronics. David latest endeavor is a design collaboration on a mechanical complex watch.


David's parallel calling in life is being a design educator.

In David's view, it is a privilege to be able to contribute to the lives of young designers. Being a teacher to industrial design students has allowed David to reaffirm and expand his knowledge whilst granting him a life purpose as well.


Of all of the aspects of the design processes, these two, 3D modeling and model making, are the ones David is more driven to. For David, design certainly is a beautiful and fascinating place.







San Francisco, CA 



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